Welcome to The Rusty Alfa!

My dad and I have always shared a few things that have kept us close: motored vehicles, Rugby, and (after I turned 21) beer.  We shortly realized that there was no better place to incorporate all of these things than a Pub.  My dad had the benefit of having lived in England, so he had a good idea of what a Pub “should” be.

While our local pubs have always treated us well, we enjoyed finding new pubs and beers. The problem was, I never have been able to find a place that lists the pubs in the area.

With all of that in mind, I present to you my father’s 60th birthday present. The Rusty Alfa will set out to find and document all pubs we can find. While we will focus on pubs within a few hour radius of the SF Bay Area, California, we certainly will provide feedback on any other pubs we come across.

Each pub will be judged on 6 main metrics, with a score from both myself and my father:

  • First Timer Friendly? (Yes or No) When you enter the pub as a stranger, do you feel welcome our out of place.
  • Food (1-10) To get a rating of 10, there should be high quality food for anyone who might be in your group.
  • Beverage (1-10) Any pub first and foremost must have a good beer selection. PBR (even though it is delicious) and Bud won’t cut it. There should be a full bar just to meet all potential tastes.
  • Atmosphere (1-10)  To us, a good atmosphere would allow a nice layout that allows both private conversation and mingling with strangers. It should not be too dark/light nor too loud/quiet.
  • Overall (1-10) This is a bit more subjective. What is the overall feeling do you get when you are in this place? How much do you like it?
  • But Is It A Pub? (Yes or No)  Inevitably we will come across places that we like but aren’t as much of a “pub” as they claim.

We will provide both a brief overview of our trip to explain the context, as well as a short paragraph from each of our perspectives on the experience.

Please join us on what I know will be an amazing experience, and feel free to provide any commentary or suggestions!



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4 responses to “Welcome to The Rusty Alfa!

  1. Can’t wait to see the reviews!

  2. Steven G

    This website is awesome! I’m going to use it before and after all my pub expeditions in the Bay Area!

  3. Genius! Cerveza is king here up inside the redwood curtian. I will have to make a visit to good ol trusty Gallager’s here in Eureka, CA. And make a review. FELIZ CUMPLEANOS PAPA NAEGELE!!! The family is proud.

  4. Jaime C.

    I love this! I need some pubs in my life!

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