O’Carroll’s Freehouse – Auckland, NZ

O’Carroll’s Freehouse
10 Vulcan Lane
Auckland 1010
(09) 300 7117

First timer friendly: No
Food: 8
Beverage: 9
Atmosphere: 7
Overall: 7.5
But was it a pub? Yes

Truly, I was not intending on my third pub in 2 days, I swear.  But, as I found out, on a Monday night Auckland restaurants are closed relatively early and there were some slim pickings come 8:30PM when my train got back into downtown. Not wanting to miss dinner, I cut into an alley with some restaurants to see what I could find.

Chris’ Opinion:
While not particularly friendly, the bar tender was nice once I force some conversation as I ordered. I got the feeling that this area is primarily a tourist spot, so you don’t really tend to see “regulars.”  Despite not being particularly friendly, I loved this place and think it would be an AWESOME spot to go with some friends.  They specialize in a lot of the craft beers in the area and the IPA from EPIC did not disappoint.  I ordered a quesadilla and while not what I would have expected, it was delicious.  I got to relax, watch some golf, and people watch all of the passer-bys in the alley so overall it was a great experience.


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