Queen’s Ferry Hotel – Auckland, NZ

Queen’s Ferry Hotel
12 Vulcan Lane
Auckland 1010
(09) 377 1821

First timer friendly: Yes
Food: 9
Beverage: 8
Atmosphere: 7
Overall: 7.5
But was it a pub? Yes

Again, I wasn’t really intending on ANOTHER pub (four in three days.)  However, it was pretty late when I got off from my second day of working and I had seen this place the night before so I figured I would rush over to a spot I knew of.

Chris’ Opinion:
his place didn’t seem very friendly, just like its neighbor.  I don’t know if it might just be that I don’t understand how things operate in pubs in NZ but I had to get up to order my food from the bar and it seemed as though I was inconveniencing them to do so.  This place lays claim to being the oldest pub in Auckland and I feel that they kind of rest on their laurels in that regard.  In any case, the atmosphere was almost identical to O’Carroll’s next door (in fact, I think they might share kitchens) but without the same craft beer selections. The “staples” in NZ are pretty good though so no matter.  I think the area may play a role in the atmosphere because it is very much a “tourist” area being right off of Queen St.  The fish and chips were, without question, the best fish and chips I have ever had.  Delicious delicate, yet crispy, batter, buttery fish, and perfect chips…it couldn’t have gotten much better.


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