The Fox – Auckland, NZ

The Fox
85-87 Customs Street West
Auckland, NZ
(09) 358 2767

First timer friendly: Yes
Food: 7
Beverage: 8
Atmosphere: 8
Overall: 8
But was it a pub? No

Overview:On my last evening in Auckland, I knew I needed to find a good spot to saddle up to a bar stool and take in the plethora of rugby matches playing that night (Crusaders LOST too! Woot!)  I had seen The Fox my first morning in Auckland so I figured it would be a good spot to scope out. It really advertised itself more as a sports bar then a pub, but it had beer, food, and TVs.

Chris’ Opinion:
I didn’t expect pub, and I didn’t REALLY get a pub.  It is 100% a sports bar.  They play everything from Rugby and cricket to car racing on their 15+ TVs.  Whatever happens to be the main event at the time is on their BIG screen and most of the tv screens, and they pipe in the audio of the game.  For that reason, its extremely difficult to sit and hold a conversation, just not an environment to conducive to relaxing with friends and catching up, which I think is an important part of a pub.
The beer selection was pretty good (and pretty standard for most places) plus they had their own “Fox’s Ale” which was delicious, hence the decent beverage score.  The food selection was not particularly varied and to be honest, at least the fish and chips weren’t really that good.  That being said, watching a good rugby match can overcome a lot and the overall experience was stellar.  Food, nice waitresses, good beer, and rugby in Auckland.  A good night any way you spin it.



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