The Shakespeare – Auckland, NZ

The Shakespeare
61 Albert St.
Auckland 1010
+64 9 373 5296

First timer friendly: Yes
Food: 8
Beverage: 7
Atmosphere: 9
Overall: 9
But was it a pub? Yes

While I really wasn’t looking to eat at two pubs in one day, after the disappointment of O’Hagans I really needed something to raise my sinking hopes.  After a nice nap, enter The Shakespeare.

Chris’ Opinion:
I stumbled across this place on accident, and I am sure glad I did.  Situated on the first and second floor of an old hotel, the building is a very cool late 19th century design.  The first floor has a reception for the third floor rooms and a small bar with some stools and a pool table; a nice set-up for someone stepping in to grab a drink.  Upstairs is the restaurant.  It is a very inviting space with a large bar and some nice tables on an elevated section.  Outside the double doors is the real treat though: seating up on the balcony looking out over some of the downtown area.  You are totally eclipsed by skyscrapers, but you still have the feeling of “getting above it all.”

The beer was good, very good.  But the reason I give it a 7 is because there are only 3 beers on tap.  All made in-house and great, but still limiting to the non-adventurous beer palette.  The food menu has some great selections and I elected to go with the bangers and mash.  Unfortunately, as I found out a few minutes later, they were short one half of the equation so I had to settle with Bangers and Fries.  As it turned out, it wasn’t much of a settle. As the Irish waiter put it: “eh, it’s what we do back home. Comf’rt food yuh might say.” Indeed it was.


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