Cameron’s Inn

Cameron’s Inn
1410 Cabrillo Hwy
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019


  • First Timer Friendly: Yes/Yes
  • Food: 7/8
  • Beverage: 8/8
  • Atmosphere: 7/6
  • Overall: 7/7
  • But is it a pub?: Yes/No
While far from our first Pub experience, we selected Cameron’s Pub and Inn in Half Moon Bay, CA as our first official Pub visit to add to the Rusty Alfa site.  With my lovely mother as our designated driver, we left hot and sunny San Jose and cruised over the hill into the fog of the Northern California Coast. Perfect Pub weather if you ask me.
Chris’ Opinion:
I have been to Cameron’s before and have never been disappointed with the staff, food, or beer selection.  We immediately were greeted by a nice guy at the door and given some menus.  I would say that Cameron’s is a good option for going with a group of friends for food, but not for going to the bar to hang out with people you may not know. The place is pretty segmented and the bar itself is very small.  It is also very dark inside which isn’t horrible, but can be a bit gloomy.  The main problem I have with Cameron’s is how busy everything is. They seem to try VERY hard to be an English Disneyland. Decommissioned London taxis, double decker buses, trinkets covering every surface….it makes it a bit difficult to just relax and enjoy yourself.
Karl’s Opinion:
Perhaps tries a bit too hard to be the quintessential “British Pub”.  I don’t think you need to have one of everything that has ever been seen in a “real” pub.  It almost seems as if the proprietor was thinking “Americans expect this in a pub”.  But interesting, none the less.
I see it better for groups intent on taking over a few tables (or a room) rather than a place for a couple wanting an intimate setting or individuals looking for a place to socialize.
Fun, but a strange place.  The motor home park and a few rooms for let upstairs DEFINITELY set it apart from the norm.

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