City Pub – Redwood City

City Pub
2620 Broadway Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 363-2620


  • First Timer Friendly: Yes/Yes
  • Food: 8/8
  • Beverage: 9/9
  • Atmosphere: 7/8
  • Overall: 7/8
  • But is it a pub? Yes/Yes

After the Redwood City Oktoberfest, we decided to make a stop by City Pub for some food and, heck why not, another drink.  For Lunch time on a Saturday, I was surprised it was not a bit more crowded.

Chris’ Opinion:
City Pub definitely hit the mark in terms of beverages and food.  The selection was extensive and the quality was definitely high.  Service was a bit slow but it did get crowded right after we arrived.  I liked the place, but I did not love it.  I would say there was a pub “feel” in terms of the people and the “energy” for lack of a better term, but the decor was a bit too modern and busy for my taste. I would say it is best described as a “Modern Pub.”  There was a dart board where my father and I got to throw for who payed the bill (though we ended up splitting it even though he beat me…) so you can’t really beat that!  If you are in Redwood City and need a relatively relaxed place to hang with some friends and get some food/drinks, I would say this might be your best bet.

Karl’s Opinion:
“Modern” feel in an old brick building (one wall was paneled in “turned” metal).  The layout was rather narrow but deep with the bar along one wall and tables on the other. I did like the way the beer taps were all together as it made deciding on a beer a bit easier.  The selection of beers to go along with the extensive menu means there is something for everyone (although Chris did mention that his fries were undercooked).I think it helps to visit a pub at night to get the real feel of the place.  I do see City Pub as a excellent interpretation of a pub for younger people.  I would definitely feel out of place there in the evening.


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