English Ales – Marina, CA

English Ales Brewery
223 Reindollar Avenue
Marina, CA 93933
(831) 883-3000


  • First Timer Friendly: Yes/Yes
  • Food: 7/7
  • Beverage: 9/10 (beer only)
  • Atmosphere: 7/7
  • Overall: 8/8
  • But is it a pub? Yes/Yes

Monterey and the surrounding area is one of my favorite places to be.  I had drank English Ales beer before at other locations, so my father and I decided to make a trip down to check out their Brewery/Pub.  (great decision)

Chris’ Opinion:
Okay, let me start with this: if possible, have someone blindfold you as you walk up to English Ales. You are literally in an area with a bunch of auto shops and work shops, and the outside of English Ales looks just like a work shop.  However, once you get inside you are greeted by some comfy chairs, nice looking bar, and bajillions of hanging mugs for the “mug club.”  The service was very nice, and the food was pretty good.  To be honest I was not extremely impressed by the selection or the quality of my fish and chips, but it was passable for a pub.  The beer though…the beer is amazing. I am very impressed by their range and quality of beers.  If you are looking for other options though, you won’t be too happy.
The regulars who were there were friendly and entertaining (and only “part time alcoholics”) and I would definitely plan on making another trip there soon.

Karl’s Opinion:
Their beers are outstanding-what stands out, along with the overall quality, is the relatively low level of carbonation.  Because the location is also their brewery (obviously a tied house), you would not expect them to serve beers other than theirs.  This is not a problem as those that they offer range from light to dark and heavy.  Their brews are available at other pubs-worth a try.
Considering what that had to work with, the atmosphere is okay.  The food was certainly acceptable but I see going there more for a pint or two while meeting up with friends or visiting with the regulars (of which I’m sure there are many-the Mug Club).  Kind of what a pub is all about.


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