O’Flaherty’s Pub

25 North San Pedro St.
San Jose, CA 95110


  • First Timer Friendly: Yes/No
  • Food: 6/8 (menu-based)
  • Beverage: 8/9
  • Atmosphere: 6/6
  • Overall: 6/7
  • But is it a pub? Yes/Yes

After a stop at Trial’s, we decided to come by for a drink.  Admittedly, as Trial’s is one of our favorite pubs O’Flaherty’s was going to most likely pale in comparison.  Unfortunately, it also happened to be what seemed to be Reggae night (it was a Sunday evening around 7).

Chris’ Opinion:
The menu looks decent for my tastes, but it really is limited so I don’t think it would be a great spot to go eat with a group.  They have a full bar, which is nice, and their beer menu is MASSIVE.  However, when I was there I saw no indication that they had the selection I now see on their menu, not sure if it is a recent addition or if they just don’t advertise it/display it well?  The decor and layout was really nice, but the music was BLASTING.  I couldn’t hear my dad in the corner of the pub, so we drank the beer pretty quickly and headed out. (of note, I went by another night and there was an Irish-sounding rock band playing what seemed to be a version of Hills of Connemara, still really loud, but at least my kinda music!).  All-in-all I think this place deserves another chance during a more relaxed time, but if 7PM on a Sunday isn’t a relaxed time, I don’t know what would be.
Karl’s Opinion:
Yet another “Made in England/Ireland” (literally) place.  I don’t see the need but if it worked for the London Bridge, who am I to question it.
For me, way too loud.  I can understand the loud sounds of people having fun but not the overpowering noise of music (live or canned).
O’Flaherty’s seems like a place that is intended for a younger crowd who’s idea of a pub is different from mine. I do wonder, however, how many 25 year olds are willing to lay down $25 for a single malt (excluding Chris).  Interesting (trendy) menu.
Pub-yes, just not for me.

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