Post No Bills

Post No Bills
600 Ortiz Avenue
Sand City, CA 93955


  • First Timer Friendly: Yes/Yes
  • Food: 4/5
  • Beverage: 9/10 (beer only)
  • Atmosphere: 6/7
  • Overall: 7/9
  • But is it a pub? No/No

Post No Bills was our second Monterey stop after English Ales so food was not an issue.  Knowing this was set up to be a “retail beer shop where you can drink” we simply went to have a good beer.

Chris’ Opinion:
The food is pretty “bleh,” but I think that is to be expected. Mostly, there are just some snack foods to help soak up the beer in your stomach.  The quality looked good for what it was though.  The beer, which really was the point, was awesome.  The selection was terrific with a good selection of US micro-brews as well as beers from Europe to Africa. They claim to be “just over retail pricing;” while I don’t know that I would say that, it was definitely cheaper than a pub or bar would be for some very good beers.  The decor was nice I suppose, definitely very industrial.  I admit we were there in the day, but with those big windows all the way around, I really wasn’t in the “drinking” mood.  I would be very curious to see what the place was like in the evenings. I would imagine it is a younger crowd for the most part and would be a great place to meet up with some friends.
Karl’s Opinion:
A beer tasting room-I really like the idea (tasting room “yes” in that you have a huge selection to chose from but “no” in that you need to taste a whole bottle).   There is probably 40 feet of refrigerated cases packed with every beer made (not really, but a lot).  You could try a bottle and then purchase that and others to take home.  The prices range from a couple of dollars to $20 and up.  There is also a decent selection on tap (which you can just have a taste of).
The food selection is equivalent to the crackers you might find at a winery tasting room but with a beer leaning (salty).  I suppose that’s how you cleanse your palate while drinking beer.
I think it would be a fun stop with a group of people (of any age) when you could share bottles and try as many as time allowed.  There was a tasting/appreciation session going on when we were there.
Not a pub but a great idea, I wish there was something like this in the south bay.

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