Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
402 Ingalis St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


  • First Timer Friendly: Yes/Yes
  • Food: 6 (menu based)
  • Beverage: 6/5
  • Atmosphere: 8/9
  • Overall: 7/7
  • But is it a pub? No/No
After Seabright, we decided we HAD to hit one more spot before cruising back over the hill. While there are a few pubs we could have checked out, as we had already eaten I figured it might be best to just go to a Brewery.
Chris’ Opinion:
I REALLY wanted to like this place more than I did. They have a really cool little tasting room and outdoor patio that allows dogs (and there were quite a few). The food is brought over from one of the other places in the complex (basically some warehouse/shop-type places.)  The beer just wasn’t that good. We did tasters of everything they offered and it all just tasted so…thin. I liked what they were going for but they really just didn’t impress that much.
Karl’s Opinion:
It’s a tasting room, not a pub (it doesn’t claim to be one), so my comments will be on the beer.  Not impressed…but I drank them anyway…and the French bulldog was very cool.

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