Trials Pub

Trials Pub
265 N. 1st Street
San Jose, CA 95113

  • First Timer Friendly: Yes/Yes
  • Food: 7/6
  • Beverage: 8/8
  • Atmosphere: 9/9
  • Overall: 8/9
  • But is it a pub? Yes/Yes
Trial’s Pub had been on my dad’s list for a while, so we finally made a trip down to downtown San Jose.  We arrived just after opening (5PM) on a lazy Sunday afternoon and were treated to some great food and beer.
Chris’ Opinion:
Trial’s is an excellent place to stop in for a pint and some food. It isn’t extremely large inside, but it is a great little layout. The dining in the back would be good to have a nice conversation with your party, or you can hang out in the bar/front area to mingle with the regulars.  I’m a huge fan of the atmosphere as it tends to effortlessly “get” the whole pub thing. The beer selection (especially if you start looking at the bottled stuff) is pretty extensive and there is also a full bar. I had the curry Chicken with rice and vegetables and it was excellent!
Karl’s Opinion:
First off, the place just looks and feels right-inside and out.  The patrons and staff were all quite friendly-something that I think defines a pub.  While the food was okay (I don’t think great food is necessary) and my first choice of beer was not available (that let me try something different), it’s the intangibles that make Trials work as a pub.  As Chris had previously been there with friends at a much louder time, I think I may have lucked out on this pleasant Sunday afternoon.

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