100 E. Harrison Street
Corona, CA 92879


  • First Timer Friendly: No
  • Food: 7
  • Beverage: 6
  • Atmosphere: 6
  • Overall: 6
  • But is it a pub? No

After a narrow escape with my life from The Racer’s Pub, I decided to give Corona one more chance before heading out. Boondocks was just off the freeway and more-or-less on the way so I figured I would make a quick stop off around 5:30 PM.

Chris’ Opinion:
No amount of shamrocks on your sign can turn a dive bar (that looked like it used to be drive through restaurant) into a pub. This place is dark, has a nasty smell, and a rough clientele.  The waitress really was very nice, and made the place bearable, but she was the only real shining light.  The food was surprisingly good (and the fact that I didn’t get sick on the plane was also a nice surprise). I got their “Cheesteak” sandwich. This was basically warmed roast beef with melted cheese, though I could not confirm since it was so dang dark. Whatever, it tasted good.  That being said, this conversation was pretty telling of the overall experience:
Me: “Whatcha got on tap?”
Waitress: “Bud Light, Coors Light, Budweis-”
Me: “What do you have in terms of darker beers?”
Waitress: “Well, we have Guinness? Or have you heard of Swiftwitch?”
Me: “Uh, Smithwicks?”
Waitress: “Yeah! You want one of those?”
Me: “Well, do you happen to have an IPA of any kind?”
Waitress: “No, sorry!”

Karl’s Opinion: N/A


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