The Racer’s Pub

The Racer’s Pub
3812 Pierce St.
Suite B
Riverside, CA 92503


  • First Timer Friendly: NO
  • Food: None
  • Beverage: 8 (Beer/Wine only)
  • Atmosphere: 4
  • Overall: 4
  • But is it a pub? No

On an 8-hour business trip down south I had a few hours after my meeting and before my flight out of John Wayne Airport.  I decided it would be just enough time to look up a pub and grab a quick bite and a beer or two. I like racing, I like pubs, so The Racer’s Pub seemed like the place to be.

Chris’ Opinion:
NOT A PUB. I will never understand businesses who simply want to tag on “Pub” to their name. It has a meaning, and that meaning is not “a sleazy dive bar with blaring music” (even though I was a huge fan of the Social Distortion they were playing).  The beer selection is good, though certainly not amazing. The place is a bit of a mess, with arcade games on one side, pool tables in the middle, and tables/the bar on the other. It is dark, uninviting, and a bit of a mess. The floors are sticky and the bathrooms are rough.  I am a 6’3″ 230 pound ex-rugby player, I don’t often feel threatened, but I definitely did here.

Karl’s Opinion: N/A


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